Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

About KISS - Who We Are

Kinetic Interactive Synergy Solutions, PR LLC/NC LLC (KISS) is a for-profit training center created in 2016 to bring enhanced training specialties for multiple areas to our students. It was developed in accordance with The National Center for Construction Education and Research to provide enhanced career opportunities for high school, collegiate, and professional trade school graduates in the heart of Caguas, Puerto Rico, and Western Carolina.

KISS is headquartered in Caguas, Center and Heart of Puerto Rico, and is affiliated with The National Center for Construction Education and Research.


KISS specializes in blending classroom study with on-the-job training.

Jose Rolon

My work experience has concentrated in the field of construction. I have supervised construction crews in craft areas ranging from carpentry, concrete placement and reinforcement, electrical, ironworking, masonry, project management and supervision, and welding, just to name a few. I have built and supervised residential, low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise structures and owned and operated a removal and cremains service. After losing my vision due to a stroke in the eye, I refocused my energies into starting a professional trade school where I could pass my knowledge, skills, and expertise down to future generations of craft professionals. My latest building project is designing and bringing this accredited, fully credentialed professional trade school out of the ground in the heart of Puerto Rico.

Penny MacPherson

My work experience has been centered in the field of education. I have taught students ranging from preschool through senior citizens in subjects ranging from elementary classes, French, Spanish, American government, braille, piano, and assistive technology. I have worked for a nursing home, probation department, Christian school, and a Florida lighthouse. I have taught writing classes in schools, churches, and synagogues. I have published poems in various magazines and online venues. A self-published poet of two books, I have cultivated a following for readers of my poetry on Facebook. My next writing project is to start a podcast for Messiah-seekers.

Triana MacPherson

My role at Professional Trade Schools is that of a part-time Integrated Technologist and Social Media Director. One of my dreams is to have my own horse farm. I earned a C.N.A certificate. I also studied violin for 4 years on the Suzuki Method. I have been known to paint people and animals in my spare time.